Cameron Rivero is an extremely dynamic and creative saxophonist and EWI player
hailing from Spain and England. His vast musical background and melodic approach
to music allows him to adapt and thrive across many genres, from R&b/Hip
Hop/Soul/Pop and Funk to Jazz, Salsa and Latino Chamber music. 
Born to a leading Spanish jazz musician and raised in three diverse countries, his life
has been music. Starting with the clarinet and piano at age 7 he quickly realized his
love for jazz, picking up the alto saxophone at age 12 and becoming a leading
saxophonist in his district until leaving California to return to Europe. He recently graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received the world tour scholarship to attend in 2014, studying Professional Music. He went on to perform, produce and write with an array musicians all across the New England area until graduating.


Rivero's unique ability to fuse genres allows him to sound fresh in any musical setting
and cater to a wide span of audiences. He has had to opportunity to play, study and work with
world renowned musicians such as Ralph Peterson (Art Blakey), Warren Wolfe, George Garzone, Jason Palmer, Allain Mallet, Billy Kilson (Chris Botti), Rick Dimuzio, Dave Santoro and Tia
Fuller (Beyonce) to name just a few, and continues to build his name as a writer and
performer. He recently made the move to New York and resides in Brooklyn.

© Cameron Rivero Dempsey 2017. Created by Virginia G. Alves

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