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Cameron Rivero is an incredibly entertaining and dynamic saxophonist, EWI and woodwinds player who calls both Spain and England his home. He currently studies Professional Music with concentrates in Performance and Music Production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Cameron's diverse musical background and fresh creative approach to music allows him to adapt to any genre, including R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, Jazz, and yes, even Rock and Country! Born to a leading Spanish jazz musician, music has always been part of Cameron's life.

Born in Manchester, England to a British engineering recruiter and a Spanish  Professional Jazz and Funk musician, he was raised throught Europe as a young child up until his 7th birthday when his parents decided to relocated to California. This gave him a great chance to get exposed and integrated to the music and culture of the United States while still in his early childhood. Having the constant influence of music around while being raised by a musician allowed it to seamlessly form part of his personality, before he could even talk! Starting with the clarinet and piano at age seven he quickly realized his love for jazz and  contemporary music, picking up the alto saxophone at age twelve and becoming one of the lead middle school/ high school saxophonists in the region until leaving California. An unexpected personal event led to his moving back to Europe in 2007 for an extended period. Despite the trauma of moving at such an unexpected time he was able to grow as a human being and travel the  European continent, later gaining his Bachelors of Arts in Honors in Psycology and Sociology at the Univeristy of York in 2013. It was during his time there that his passion and desure to perform and write music was reborn after an almost three year hiatus from music – and he has not looked back since.

He auditioned for Berklee shortly after graduation and was accepted on a scholarship to attend in the Fall of 2014.  Since arriving, Rivero has played studied and collaborated with the likes of George Garzone, Ed Saindon, Tia Fuller  (Beyonce), Ralph Peterson (Art Blakey), Rick Peckham, Dave Santoro, Dick Oatts,  Frank Tiberi, Billy Kilson (Chris Botti/Sting), Ron Mahdi, and Ed Tomassi to name a few. With these musical giants forming part of his learning environment he is able to further his musical and humanistic development on a daily basis. He is in the process of recording his debut Extended Play expected at the end of 2017 and is a regularly session player in the New England area .  Comfortable playing a multitude of genres: including Jazz, Blues, R&B/Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Theater, and World music, he is a saxophone specialist but also gigs on EWI and doubles on most woodwinds such as Clarinet and Flute. He is a recipient of the Berklee World Tour scholarship, along with a Berklee International grant, both absolutely crucial to his continuation at the school. He hopes to have a fruitful end to his Berklee career (which he hopes to conclude in Spring of 2018) and to pursue his dream of having his music heard and performed.



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